After much debate, I finally decided to try Clear + Brilliant a few weeks ago – a fractional laser treatment that is meant to make skin brighter, with less visible lines and pores. I’m always experimenting with different skincare products, but I had never tried any laser treatments before now. My skin had been looking really dull due to the weather and I guess just from living and working in a city, and I felt that it was time to do something about it!

Before I jump in, let me warn you that my “before/after” photos are super amateur. I took them quickly on my phone on the way to work and/or when I got home each night, and posted them on Instagram stories with captions. It’s been a CRAZY month (hence the lack of posts). I wish I had taken the time each morning to capture photos that really show the difference, but lesson learned for next time.

First – What is Clear & Brilliant and How Does It Work?

Clear & Brilliant is a preventative laser treatment that improves the look of fine lines, skin tone, and texture, and reduces the appearance of pores. The laser essentially uses columns of heat to make tiny wounds in the skin to trigger collagen production. The collagen production results in all of the positive benefits I just mentioned. It’s like a very toned-down version of Fraxel. The thing is, you’re supposed to get multiple treatments. I haven’t gone back in for my 2nd – more on that later.

Day 1: Treatment Experience

I went to a dermatologist’s office before work on a Monday, and the whole process took about 30 minutes. I came with no makeup on, so they immediately slathered on numbing cream and wiped it off after 10 minutes. During this time, the nurse explained how the treatment worked. She warned me that my face would be red and sandpaper-like for the rest of the day, and would feel mildly rough for the rest of the week. She recommended 2-4 follow up treatments depending on my results (insert emoji of money flying away here…)

The actual treatment was mildly uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt. It felt like tiny rubber band flicks, and was done pretty quickly. After the treatment, my face looked red, almost like a sunburn. It got a little worse throughout the day at work, but not in an embarrassing way. I work in beauty, so if anything people were interested and asked all about it.


Right after clear and brilliant

Immediately after Clear + Brilliant


A few hours later, my skin started to feel hot. It didn’t hurt, but it was slightly uncomfortable. I was at work at this point, but no-one really batted an eye because I told everyone about my treatment before.

A few hours after treatment

A few hours after my Clear + Brilliant


Day 1: 24 Hours Post Treatment

My skin was slightly red and had this weird sandpaper feeling, but it didn’t feel irritated. I decided to skip makeup (other than eyeliner/mascara) today just in case.

One day after treatment

Day 2

My skin felt rougher than it did yesterday, but the redness was completely gone. I skipped makeup again today because my skin felt so strange.

Day 3  

And just like that.. my skin suddenly seemed brighter and super clear! It still had a sandpaper-like feeling, but it didn’t feel as rough as the day before.

Day 4

I don’t have a picture to share on this day because I recorded an awkward video instead (it’s on my Instagram). At this point, the results were really starting to show – my skin was bright, clear, and looked healthier.

Day 5

This is the day I finally saw the results I was looking for – super clear, bright, glowing, soft skin. I was thrilled!

The Verdict:

I really loved the results I saw initially, my skin was glowy and felt so soft. I would say it helped the dullness a bit, but the results are still subtle. Since it’s been a little over a month, I am supposed to be going back in for a follow up treatment soon. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m going to book it. It’s pretty expensive – even though I got a discount, it was $200+. The results were great but my skin is pretty good right now, and I’m just undecided on if I want to invest in this treatment right now. But.. I’m definitely still considering. Do you think I should get another Clear + Brilliant treatment? Let me know in the comments, or DM me on instagram,