I got hooked on Amazon about a year ago when I was tricked into a Prime membership and was too lazy to dispute it. Fortunately, something good came of it as I discovered the goldmine that is Amazon fashion! Some of this stuff is so cheap, but it actually looks decent in person. The stuff usually ships in two to five days and you can toss it in a box to send back easily if it doesn’t fit. I would rate most of the clothes I’ve ordered like H&M quality, not the best but will get you a few decent wears. For $25 or less, it’s a pretty good deal for what you’re getting.


Casual Front Tie Long Sleeve Bandage Dress $20.99

Wow.. that name. First of all, this is not a bandage dress. I retired from wearing any sort of bandage dress in 2013. This is a loose-fitting tunic-type dress that is flattering because of the tie in the middle. I guess I was channeling Ariana Grande when I bought it, but it has a more structured look. I wear it to work with tights sometimes so it’s not super short.

Champion Women’s Freedom Seamless Racerback Sport Bra $19.93

Bras are still clothes so that’s why this is on the list..k? It’s hard to find a good sports bra! It’s especially hard to find one for under like $40. I was impressed by the reviews on this one so I gave it a shot, and it’s now one of my favorites. I would say it’s medium support, I use it for pilates or barre and wouldn’t wear it during a high impact workout.

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants Power Stretch Workout Leggings with High Waist Tummy Control $20.98

Athleisure PLZ. Once again pleasantly surprised by the quality of this cheap Amazon buy. I’ve worn these leggings to a ton of classes and they are still holding up just fine. I THINK they are cute.. is marble cute? Idk but I like them and wear them even when I’m not working out.







Women Stripe Print Sleeveless Zipper Back Long Jumpsuit Romper Casual Style $24.99

Aww it’s the romper from my profile pic! I know this is for warmer weather, but if you’re going somewhere warm I would order this quickly for your trip. It’s a linen-like material and so easy to throw on. It’s form fitting around the waist so it’s flattering, but still leaves enough room in the midsection so you can drink spiked seltzer in the sun with no regrets.

Grey Slouchy Pom Pom Hat $18.99

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this one, because the fur looks real. The Amazon page says it IS real fur, but I honestly don’t think it is. It’s only $20, so it can’t be real, right? Either way, it’s cozy and cute, and I’ve worn it multiple times a week since buying! It comes in a bunch of different colors but I’m plain and stick to #neutrals.. so grey it is.

There I go in the Grey Slouchy Pom Pom Hat


Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be on the lookout for more cute stuff and will share what I’ve bought here – maybe even a monthly series!