Clear + Brilliant Laser Review – For Dull Skin

After much debate, I finally decided to try Clear + Brilliant a few weeks ago – a fractional laser treatment that is meant to make skin brighter, with less visible lines and pores. I’m always experimenting with different skincare products, but I had never tried any laser treatments before now. My skin

Beauty Review: Bratoxinsta – 60 Second Wrinkle Smoother

I’m constantly trying new products and treatments every day (see my Instagram for proof), and it’s hard to find products that really deliver. When I first heard about Bratoxinsta®, which claimed to smooth wrinkles in 60 seconds, I was skeptical. BUT, to my surprise – it really works. After smoothing it on

Cozy Bars to Visit in NYC This Winter

When it’s bitter cold outside, it can be hard to find the motivation to not head straight home to your couch after work, or to avoid leaving your bed on the weekends. Believe it or not, I actually don’t mind the winter weather in New York City! I love the feeling of

Affordable Clothes from Amazon – Under $25!

I got hooked on Amazon about a year ago when I was tricked into a Prime membership and was too lazy to dispute it. Fortunately, something good came of it as I discovered the goldmine that is Amazon fashion! Some of this stuff is so cheap, but it actually looks decent in

Two Days in Brussels, Belgium

Click HERE to see a map with all of my recommendations from this post. This is my last post about my recent Euro-trip – how bittersweet! After an adventure in Amsterdam followed by Bruges, our last stop was Brussels. The train from Bruges was easy, one leaves from Bruges to Brussels every

January Reading List

My commute can be up to an hour each way every morning, so having something to read keeps me sane. I read a ton of great books this past year (including some memoirs, my favorite), but a few really stood out to me. If you haven’t read these yet, definitely consider adding