Picture by VBRO

Seven months ago, I started my first real apartment hunt. Before that, I had always been lucky enough to fall in to living situations, so I had never really dealt with the true NYC-area apartment hunt thing. And wow, now I know why people dread it! Dealing with brokers and finding the right place is stressful. Even though it was overwhelming, the apartment hunt was exciting too. There are so many factors to consider – price, space, location, etc. Living in downtown Jersey City, I definitely placed more importance on the location rather than the apartment itself.

I thought it might be interesting to share how most people feel about apartment hunting. This report from Apartment Guide has some interesting stats about what people look for when they’re searching for an apartment.

Here are a few stats from the report that stood out to me:

  • 48% of renters are exctited about their apartment search
  • Over half of renters (62 percent) place more importance on the location rather than the unit itself.
  • Pricing is the most important consideration, followed by neighborhood.
  • 29 percent of renters are willing to compromise on size/square footage for the right location.
  • 31 percent of renters wished they toured more properties before signing a lease.
  • Almost 1/3 of renters (31 percent) said they wish they toured more properties before deciding on one.


The report also has a few tips for renters like checking out more places and meeting the neighbors. Definitely check it out if you’ll be on the apartment hunting any time soon!