Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I went to visit my friend Jes and her husband in Philadelphia. Philly is such a cute, underrated city! We spent the weekend in South Philly, which is full of fun restaurants, bars and cafes.

We didn’t really make an itinerary, so we did what we do best – ate and wandered around! Sometimes walking around and deciding as you go is the best way to explore a city.

Day 1 – Friday Night

We both got home around 7 after work, so we headed straight to Philly and arrived a little before 9. It was such a nice night out so we ate at Cantina Los Caballitos, a Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating. The margaritas were great and only $6! I’m always surprised by non-NYC drink prices. I also saw that their happy hour special is $3 margaritas or Sangria M-F from 4pm-6pm. How is that even a thing?! Again, shocked by non-NYC prices. We also had some guacamole of course, the serving was small but pretty good. We spent the rest of the night walking around East Passayunk Avenue, passing by a bunch of cool restaurants and bars.

Day 2 – Saturday

We took it easy on Saturday and slept in before heading to brunch at Plenty Café. I had an avocado toast and it was delicious. You really can’t go wrong with avo toast but there are some places that hit the mark and make that perfect toast – this is one of them. Plenty Café is a cozy cute restaurant during the day, and turns into a wine bar at night.

After brunch, we headed to the Magic Gardens. I have a confession, when we got to the entrance of the Magic Gardens the line was about an hour long so we left. Instead, we did a little neighborhood mural tour. The artist who created the Magic Gardens, Isaiah Zagar, has murals all over the neighborhood.

We asked for the best cheesesteak in Philly, so our friends brought us to John’s Roast Pork. I decided to get famous pork to try something different, and it was delicious and garlicky. I had a few bites of my bfs cheesecake and it was pretty good, definitely better than Pat’s and Gino’s!

After lunch, we relaxed in my friend’s backyard and got ready for later. We took her dog for a walk and ended up at StateSide, which has bar stools sticking out of the side of the restaurant you can sit on. They even gave her dog a treat and water. I got the lavender fields cocktail and it was really good. I love lavender cocktails because it’s such a different flavor. Not tart or sweet or bitter, it’s hard to explain!

For dinner, we went to a South Philly Malaysian restaurant called Sate Kampar, and it was really good. If you’re going to go anywhere, make a reservation there. We got a few meat skewers for an appetizer which were really flavorful, and my favorite dish was the Rendang Daging. Everything is meant to be shared and eaten over rice, which I love because then you get to try everything. I also love that it’s BYOB. We ordered a lot of food and ended up only spending like $27 each, not sure how that happened but I’m happy about it.

Day 3 – Sunday 

Nothing to write here really, we got bacon egg and cheese sandwiches and headed back to Jersey City pretty early. A successful weekend and honestly a really easy weekend trip if you’re looking for something to do. There are so many museums and restaurants to check out in Philly, and it’s a quick bus or train ride if you don’t have a car.

with @JesGottlieb